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Garment Cleaning

Compared to the dry cleaning process, ozone treatment is far more economical and is proven to protect and extend the life of the garment.

Removes common odours such as smoke, pet, cooking smells and damp from all clothing and garments.

Treatment in an ozone chamber is ideal for garment processing and clothes hire companies.

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Production Facilities

Ozone is highly beneficial in this environment.

Removes odours generated by production processes.

Further enhances the cleanliness in your facility by destroying
airborne viruses and bacteria as well as helping stop the growth of fungi and molds.

Ozone will reach those places that are usually inaccessible to your cleaning staff.

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Ozone is highly beneficial in this environment.

Removes lingering odours from your warehouse when opening a window may not be an option.

Treating the air in your warehouse regularly will help your workers work in a pleasant environment.

Reduces the spread of common viruses and colds. Ozone is capable of destroying airborne bacteria, molds and fungi.

Extends the shelf life of foood such as vegetables, fruit, fish and meat.

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Industrial Cleaning

Increased client satisfaction.

Ozone will reach further and treat air and surfaces which are usually out of reach for your standard cleaning methods.

Efficient removal of odours with guaranteed results every time.

Ozone helps stop the spread of airborne viruses. This will in turn help reduce the number of sick days workers may take, saving you both time, money and availability of your workforce.

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Storage Facilities

Removes musty odours from your storage facility to ensure your customers' belongings are not effected by unwanted odours.

Regular usage as part of a daily cleaning routine will ensure odours do not become a problem in your facility.

Removes the need to use chemical air fresheners which are not only bad for the environment but can damage your customers' belongings.

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