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Cleaning Companies

Increased client satisfaction.

Our AirPur machines are commercial grade, lightweight and portable.

Easy to use and labour saving with perfect results every time.

AirPur machines will cope with tasks ranging from everyday cleaning routines to emergency fire and flood property restoration.

Can easily be transported so you will always be prepared.

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Rental Properties

Ensure your property is odour free before new tennants move in.

AirPur machines are lightweight and portable.

Lower your cleaning costs.

No more wasting money on air fresheners.

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Holiday Parks

Caravans can be odour free in as little as 15 minutes.

Removes easily stubborn odours such as smoke, food or pet odours left behind by previous guests.

Used in conjunction with regular cleaning routine, you will not have to worry about odours before reoccupation.

Easy to carry between accomodation units.

Painters Slide

Painters and Decorators

Leave your customer's properties with a fresh clean smell instead of the lingering smell of fresh paint.

Increase client satisfaction.

Can be easily transported so you will always be prepared.

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No more compensating customers for odourful rooms.

Typical bedroom treated in 15 minutes.

Reduce labour and time costs whilst increasing productivity.

Ensure customer satisfaction.

Medical Facilities Slide

Medical Facilities

Ozone is an effective, naturally occuring odour eliminator and is safe when kept under control.

Helps control the spread of bacteria and viruses.

Being a gas, ozone will reach those hard to access areas.

Selectable treatment cycles to suit size of treated area and degree of contamination.

Residental Home Slide

Residential Homes

Eliminate stubborn lingering odours in as little as 15 minutes.

Impress residents and visitors with a fresh feeling environment.

No more using powerful air fresheners that can adversely effect people.

Effective on carpets, furniture and upholstery.

Helps combat the spread of viruses and bacteria.

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Leisure Facilities

Let ozone do the hard work for you.

Effectively and efficiently removes the unpleasant odours that are left behind long after your customers have gone home.

No need for powerful chemical deodorisers.

With no extra effort you will be welcoming your customers with the feeling of fresh spring air.

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