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The AirPur Natural Cleaners generate a measured amount of ozone (O3) a gas that naturally destroys all known odours and bacteria in the air, on surfaces as well as in soft furnishings and hard to get areas, quickly and efficiently in an environmentally friendly way.
A typical hotel room can be made odour free in 15-30 minutes. Place an AirPur in the room to be treated, turn it on, select the treatment time and leave the room. It's that simple. In the final part of the working cycle unused ozone is converted back into oxygen. Therefore, the room is safe to reoccupy as soon as the AirPur has finished.

The ozone destruct feature is not available on simple ozone generators that just produce ozone. Ozone helps combat the spread of noro-virus and reduce the effects of airborne pollen.

AirPur OZD units remove ozone from indoor locations where ozone is an unwanted by-product or escapes during manufacturing or other processes.

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